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About Us

M.M. Enterprises was founded in 2015 with a vision to deliver Good Food to people who are concern about the taste, nutrition, and taste of what they eat.

M.M Enterprises is headquartered in Delhi and has Food Library as a sub brand that provides an extensive range of gourmet products.

Our vision is to become your unquestioned source for everyday essentials and gourmet edibles from around the world. We’re passionate about food and we sincerely put a ton of research behind every product available on our platform. We curate to separate the best from the not-so-good to simplify choices for you. Sit back, relax, and whip up delicious delights!

We wish to add magic to your kitchen with our premium gourmet products. With Food library products we want you to believe that gourmet cooking at home was never so easy. Food library is a brand that explores the world to get the finest gourmet ingredients into kitchens of people who pride themselves in preparing good food.

Food library accompanies a wide range of products of its own with the gourmet products of several other brands readily available. Not just food library products but you can find all the brands of your choice at a single store which expands people’s appetite for global cuisine. Food library also associates special ingredients that are not readily available in the market. For all your needs just look up and amaze yourself with our exquisite collection from across the world.

We are  ISO 22000:2018 ( Food Safety Management Systems) registered under Quality Veritas Certification Limited .