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Client Confidentiality

"We understand the importance of agreement, its confidentiality and how much it's important for you"

IT Chimes: Confidential Web Development, Confidential Application DevelopmentWe at IT Chimes understand the importance for Confidential Web Development and clients’ project information and data confidentiality and ensure that all is kept in tight covers with restricted access only to people who are authorized by the client and the management.

We sign a Non Disclosure Agreement with all our clients to ensure Confidential Application Development wherein all details about the project confidentiality are discussed openly with the client to come to a mutual consent for security issue. It discusses important issues such as what and how much data to be collected from the client, authorize personal to access that data, levels of risks to be discussed and agreed between us and the client within the project domain.

In addition we also sign a Non Disclosure Agreement with all our employees to ensure Confidential Web Development and they have legal consequences if found to be guilty sharing any data without official consent. They are regularly informed about how and why all data needs to be protected and the sensitivity of the issue is explained in depth for them to comply with the company rules.